What is it that keeps us going through the hardest of times? What gets us up in the morning and gives us the strength to get through a tough day? For me it’s hope, love, and laughter; that’s why my granddaughter Keira and I wanted to create a story that would infuse these uplifting elements into whomever sat down to read it.

Bob Martin and Keira Ely

Me and Keira at the beach

Keira, now 10, has been writing stories on her own since the age of 6. We’ve also written several stories together, including The Case of the Missing Crown Jewels and short mysteries to solve on our website. When Keira’s younger sister Clara was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, we knew we wanted to write a story for her and anyone else going through a hard time.

SuperClara: A Young Girl’s Story of Cancer, Bravery and Courage is all about discovering your inner strength amidst the sometimes messy and scary aspects of life. In the book, Clara becomes SuperClara after undergoing radiation treatment for cancer. SuperClara can talk to animals and feel their feelings. As she encounters new animals on her journey, she learns more about herself and her own feelings.

SuperClara gives us all permission to recognize and come to terms with our fear, embarrassment, and anger around life’s hardships. She also inspires pure joy, hopefulness, and courage—just the tools most needed to rise up out of difficult times. This story serves as inspiration to anyone who is discouraged for any reason; it puts life’s challenges and disappointments into perspective, helping people of all ages to be more appreciative of their present circumstances.

Bridge To A Cure Foundation

To make the impact extend even further, all profits from the book’s sales go to Bridge to a Cure Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to funding research into life-sustaining treatments for the terminally ill. Learn more about this hopeful effort by visiting www.BridgeToACure.org.

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