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For all those grandparents who love to pass on the joy of reading to their grandchildren, this book is for them. The strong bond between grandparents and grandchildren aids in healthy child development. This book highlights this relationship. Resilient children have trusting, loving, committed people who believe in them. The Keira and Papa Detective Agency nurtures the grandparent grandchild bond enabling resilient children. This is a lovely book that celebrates this important relationship and nurtures it further.

Michelle B. Viro, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist - Specialty Children and Families

The Keira and Papa Detective Agency will be around for years to come! This work captures the essence of the grandparent grandchild relationship and the special role it can play in our lives. This is a feel good story that will put smiles on the faces of child readers as well as the adults who share in the experience. Bob and Keira incorporate into their story the critical developmental topics of self-esteem and character building necessary for emotional success. This series of books will therefore serve a function way beyond mere entertainment. Exciting, fun and special, the world needs more Papa’s and Keira’s!

Dr. Audrey Sherman - Psychologist, Author of Dysfunction Interrupted, Founder of PsychSkills, a personal development company

This book is a wise and gentle exploration of human nature, told with humor and creativity, wrapped in a story that will capture the imagination of its youthful readers and inspire grandparents who share it with them to enrichment of their relationships with their grandchildren.

Carol Tolonen -- Developmental Psychologist, educational consultant and lecturer on education and parenting

I highly recommend this creative and imaginative book. A very loving, committed and caring relationship is demonstrated in this book between a grandfather and granddaughter. This book offers an opportunity for family members to deepen the relationship by engaging in reading this book together and implementing the exercises at the end.

Rev. Dr. John G. Brown III -- pastoral counselor and psychoanalyst

What a valuable book for our young children today. The value of familial relationships, especially those between grandparent and grandchild, is unfortunately not the norm among many American youth. This book celebrates this value as well as celebrating the thirst for knowledge that every young person has but is often not quenched. Bravo to Papa and Keira for showing us all how fun the love of learning and adventure really is. These two are quite a treasure.

Kimberly Spence - Educator

The Case of the Missing Crown Jewels does a wonderful job of showing young people the importance of asking good questions. Keira’s Papa encourages her curiosity and inventiveness and together they investigate and solve puzzles. As an adult reads with a child, he or she can stop and ask, “What would YOU do here? What more would you need to INVESTIGATE to solve this problem? How is this story like your OWN life? How would you CHANGE the ending?

Frannie Moyer - Educator

The Keira and Papa Detective Agency – The Case of the Missing Crown Jewels is well written and entertaining. It is a book both children and adults will enjoy reading and points out the importance of grandparent, grandchild relationships. The story promotes using one’s imagination and encourages children to take risks. An added feature is it acquaints children with some of the history, customs and practices of another country.

Judith E. Mosse B.S., M.Ed.

Love the ‘Historical Fiction’—that’s how children learn! The author employs a lot of history, countries’ traditions, life’s lessons, multicultural phrases and great vocabulary. The close relationship and unconditional love between a grandfather and his granddaughter is instrumental in producing a mystery novel that has it all!

Cynthia Brazer—Educator