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Hey, Grandparents!

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Today, the demands and stress of everyday living shave away the hours parents have available for their children. “There just isn’t enough time in the day” is the battle cry for parents everywhere. I hear it from my adult children, and I bet you do too. This is where you can help! We grandparents can be an emotional rock, a wise friend and a playful elder to grandkids; the ‘go-to person’ when parents aren’t available. As a grandparent, I’m having the time of my life!

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Hey, Kids!

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Hey kids, got a problem? Need someone to talk to? Someone who will help you, not judge you, who will value your ideas, and will want to know what you think? Someone who is available 24/7, who is a little bit bored and wants something important to do; someone who loves you a bunch? If you do, this website and my books are for you.

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The Amazing Ninja Brothers Teach Empathy

The Amazing Ninja Brothers series by Robert Martin is here to help and show young readers that children with behavioral issues have minds that work differently. In each of these chapter books for middle grade readers, The Amazing Ninja Brothers share unique and unexpected experiences as they use special powers to help friends with misunderstood challenges.


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