3 Reasons Why Being a Grandparent Is Good for You

Being a grandparent is a uniquely powerful way to experience personal connection, family relationships, generational bonding and so much more. Here are three of the most meaningful ways grandparenting can impact your life, your health, and your overall well-being:

1. Stress Relief

As a grandparent, you have the chance to play and have fun with your grandkids. Play relieves […]

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3 Barriers to Improving Cancer Research

What’s preventing our great medical minds from developing effective cancer treatments?

What all successful organizations have in common that is missing in medical research is the following:

1. Access to information.

Even the medical researchers find it frustrating, if not unbelievable, that there isn’t a single robust database from which they can access all the information there is on any disease. A single […]

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SuperClara to the Rescue: An Uplifting Story for Life’s Most Challenging Moments

What is it that keeps us going through the hardest of times? What gets us up in the morning and gives us the strength to get through a tough day? For me it’s hope, love, and laughter; that’s why my granddaughter Keira and I wanted to create a story that would infuse these uplifting elements into whomever sat down to […]

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Sustaining Life to Save Lives: We Can Help Kids Live Longer

As a grandparent, I’m always trying to think of new ways to connect with my grandkids—new ways to encourage them, help them grow and thrive, and support them in having a happy, fulfilling life.

When my granddaughter Clara was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, I dedicated my efforts to supporting her parents’ tireless journey to find a cure. At first, […]

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