Educating Your Grandchild: Filling the Void

As grandparents, we know the importance of education. We value the teaching profession and the importance of providing them with the right tools, resources and rewards to be successful and motivated. As we do, I am confident that we will restore our global leadership position in education and dramatically improve our rankings in math, science and reading. For statistical data […]

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Secret to Your Grandchilds Success

Studies have proven that children who learn to delay gratification lead happier and more successful lives. This study from James Clear and this one from NCBI support this.

The study proves that establishing the discipline of postponing gratification at an early age is an attribute that serves children well throughout their lives It makes sense. If kids […]

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Grandparent Tip: Do Not Overdo Praise

Grandparents tend to shower their grandkids with praise, even for the tiniest of achievements. Parents do it as well.

They do it for the right reason—to make them feel good about themselves; to help them build self-confidence in order to achieve more; and to better prepare them for adulthood.

Unfortunately, it can have the opposite effect.

Numerous studies show that it is better […]

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