There are an estimated 17.1 million children in the U.S. who have been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder. They often struggle with self-esteem and are frequently misunderstood by their classmates.

A Bright Spot

The Amazing Ninja Brothers series by Robert Martin addresses both issues. In each chapter book for middle grade readers, The Amazing Ninja Brothers use special powers to help friends with misunderstood challenges.

Meet Tommy

The first book in the series, “Entering the Deep Unknown,” focuses on Tommy, a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Approximately 11% of children in the U.S. have been diagnosed with ADHD, so those who don’t have ADHD most certainly have friends who do, making it a highly relevant topic for all children today. “Entering the Deep Unknown” is a fast-paced story that will satisfy a kid’s fascination with super heroes while generating thought and discussion about ADHD. It successfully balances action, humor and fantasy to provide readers with a “page-turner” story.

Meet the Ninja Brothers

The brothers, Aiden and Jacob, are a new wave of ninjas. Unlike other ninjas, who use their weapons to fight, Aiden and Jacob use their weapons to heal. Their power comes from the magic of ancient ninja rings their great-great grandfather and explorer had discovered and past down to them.  The ninja rings give them the ability to help kids with a disorder to cope and their friends to be supportive.

Celebrating Minds that Work Differently

In this first book, Entering the Deep Unknown, Aiden and Jacob apply the magic of the ninja rings to help Aiden’s best friend, Tommy cope with the challenges of ADHD. Their help begins when Jacob uses his ring to figure out why Tommy is prone to be disruptive or inattentive. Then Aiden applies the magic of his ring, empathy, to feel the same emotions that Tommy feels. Together they learn that while Tommy has some idiosyncrasies, his brain is in many ways exceptional. They realize that Tommy is special and that the reason he is misunderstood is that his mind works differently.

Celebrating the Power of Understanding and Empathy

Thanks to Aiden and Jacob, Tommy’s friends learn to understand what’s different and unique about Tommy’s amazing mind and to realize his wonderful caring qualities.  And, because of the warmth and support Tommy receives from his friends he regains his self-confidence, and the courage to face any challenges in the future. Aiden and Jacob made everyone realize the power of understand and empathy.

Join the Celebration

Kids’ reading books from The Amazing Ninja Brothers series will learn the importance of providing their support to kids with disorders as well.  Each story will show behavior that amplifies a different, but common disorder. The hope is that they can also enlighten and inspire caring support from more friends and to inspire them to join the celebration of minds that work differently.

Adults can Help kids help kids. The Amazing Ninja Brothers is a meaningful story that inspires children to be understanding and empathetic; to be supportive of a friend. The first book in the series, Entering the Deep Unknown, will be available for purchase in October at You can help by giving this book to a child or donate several to a library, school or hospital. All net proceeds will go to the Bridge to a Cure Foundation, whose mission is to increase the pace and success of pediatric research of debilitating diseases and disorders.

My Mission
As an author and child advocate my mission is to inspire kids to chase their dreams and to help those who can’t. I employ the power of storytelling to coach early and middle grade readers on the top issues facing youth today. The stories take readers on unique and unexpected adventures that capture a broad range of pediatric health and socialization challenges such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), brain cancer, and everyday encounters like facing bullies and navigating cultural differences. For a child with a health challenge, the books provide a perspective that builds self-esteem. For their friends, it provides understanding and age-appropriate ways to provide support.

While books focus on managing the challenges and mysteries of day to day living, the Bridge to a Cure Foundation focuses on erasing, once and for all, these challenges. To learn more or to donate, visit