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Author and Child Advocate

Inspiring Kids to Chase Their Dreams and Helping Those Who Can’t!

Robert Headshot ImageRobert Martin is committed to helping the tens of millions of children whose dreams have been shattered by a medical issue or one of the many socialization challenges kids often face. Martin has observed firsthand the pain and sorrow a debilitating disease or disorder inflicts on a child and the child’s family. He has also uncovered several serious shortfalls in America’s approach to pediatric research.  Martin draws on his skills as a storyteller and a successful international executive, to apply a unique and multifaceted approach to inspiring kids to chase their dreams and helping those who can’t.

What makes Martin’s approach unique are the powerful synergies created from his three key initiatives:

  • Books That Teach Empathy – Martin’s line of children’s books, published by DreamChaser Publishing LLC, include two No. 1 Amazon bestsellers and harness the power of storytelling to engage early and middle grade readers on the challenging issues facing today’s youth.
  • Tools for Engaged Grandparents – Martin’s blog and website guide grandparents who share his desire to help children cope with the big challenges they face in today’s world. Kids can chase their dreams when they have support – and grandparents are in a unique position to provide that.
  • Bridge to a Cure Foundation – This pediatric foundation focuses on connecting and improving medical research programs for children with debilitating diseases or disorders.

Books: Fun tales to show kids how self-confidence and kindness can help them face any challenge

Seventy-five million children in the United States are challenged by a chronic disease, a psychiatric disorder or behavioral issue.

With these children in mind, Martin crafts fast-paced stories that often feature characters with a broad range of pediatric health and socialization challenges, including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), autism and brain cancer. Martin approaches the difficult issues with a child’s feelings in mind, showing a keen understanding and sensitivity to their point of view. For a child with a health challenge, the books offer reassurance and a path to courage. For their friends, Martin’s storytelling provides a roadmap to understanding and age-appropriate ways to provide support. The books are designed to be read and discussed as readers uncover what’s needed to overcome any real-world hurdle – understanding, empathy and courage! Additionally, many of Martin’s books feature a grandparent as one of the main characters and can also be used by grandparents looking for ways to connect with their grandchild. A teaching guide is provided on Martin’s website for each book.

 Grandparents: The reliable ‘go-to-person’ for kids

Everyone is so busy! The demands and stress of everyday living are shaving away the hours parents have available for their children. Martin believes the answer to this challenge is engaged grandparents. As the ‘go-to-person’ when parents aren’t available, a grandparent can be an emotional rock, a wise friend and a playful elder. And when children face medical and emotional challenges, the importance of this relationship can be even more critical.

Martin publishes a blog for grandparents who share his desire to help children cope with the big challenges they face in today’s world. The blog provides essential tips for communicating about tough topics, so readers can better provide children with support, foster a strong family bond, and pass their values from generation to generation. Martin also provides an ever-expanding collection of grandparent resources on his author website, On this site, grandparents will even find free short-story form mysteries to share – and solve – with their grandchildren. His child advocacy group for grandparents who are eager to pass along their values and life lessons in these challenging times can be found on Facebook at Fedup-Standup.

Foundation: A new way to find solutions to the debilitating challenges 30 million kids face today

Martin started the Bridge to a Cure Foundation two years ago to help the 30 million children faced with debilitating medical conditions, kids that need to reconnect with their dreams. He has observed firsthand the pain and sorrow a debilitating disease or disorder inflicts on a child and the child’s family. He lost his 6-year-old granddaughter to cancer in 2017, and he has a grandson who struggles with the daily challenges of ADHD.

Martin’s foundation believes that the pediatric and research community could better help children by transforming how research, fundraising and treatment gets done. To achieve that goal, the foundation works to:

  • Increase collaboration within the scientific community
  • Address the critical need for a robust national database linking all research and patient medical files for every disease and disorder
  • Embrace alternative treatments
  • Utilize artificial intelligence more in research
  • Challenge the slow pace, excessive cost and massive complexity of today’s clinical trials

The Bridge to a Cure Foundation wants to gain national support that will compel the medical world to change. The foundation’s website,, provides opportunities to support this initiative.

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