Download Robert Martin’s Radio One Pager

  1. You talk about grandparents as having the unique ability to serve as an emotional rock, wise friend and playful elder in the lives of children. How do you best accomplish this?
  2. You’ve been an advocate for at-risk children for many years. Can you tell us a little bit about the work you do in this area?
  3. When your granddaughter Clara was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, you began asking some outside-the-box questions. Can you walk us through what you discovered?
  4. You initially founded the Bridge to a Cure Foundation to help fund research into life-sustaining treatments for children facing terminal illness. What did you discover and how has it changed the foundation’s mission?
  5. What is your ultimate goal with Bridge to a Cure?
  6. You also write books with your granddaughter Keira. How did that come about?
  7. Tell us about writing “SuperClara.” What do you hope readers will take away from the story?
  8. Bridge to a Cure was founded after Clara’s diagnosis. Is it only for children suffering from cancer?
  9. How can people support Bridge to a Cure?
  10. What are the five deadly barriers you have identified that are hindering our best medical and scientific minds from finding effective treatments and cures for cancer?
  11. In our society where many parents both work, grandparents can fill a void. Tell us about the research you’ve done on cultures and how grandparents can make a difference.
  12. I understand you developed adventure stories and detective mysteries to solve with your grandchildren. Tell us about those.
  13. What did you learn as the former division president of a Fortune 500 company that has informed your work on Bridge to a Cure?
  14. What is your number one piece of advice for those looking to move from corporate to entrepreneurial careers?