Inspired by a Granddaughters Courage

On St. Patrick’s Day 2016, Robert Martin’s then four-year-old granddaughter Clara was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. In his search for a cure, or a treatment that might sustain her life, he uncovered five deadly barriers to the timely development of pediatric cancer cures and treatments. Robert tells how his granddaughter, who died Oct. 8, 2017, redefined what courage means for him, and inspired him to keep trying to help other kids facing terminal illness.

Meet SuperClara

SuperClara is five years old. She’s super positive and super happy! She also just found out she has terminal brain cancer. Follow Clara’s story as she overcomes fear to undergo cancer treatment, and then discovers she has a new superpower: the ability to communicate with animals. Robert co-wrote the book with his granddaughter Keira. The book is inspired by the true story of his younger granddaughter Clara’s battle with brain cancer.

Speeding up the Search for Cures

The National Cancer Institute has spent an estimated $115 billion to research and develop treatments over 45 years. Yet almost 40 percent of us will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during our lives, and of those 36 percent will die within five years. Robert discusses why finding cures has eluded medical science, and what we need to change to speed up the process.

Bestselling Grandfather-Granddaughter Writing Team

Robert coauthors books with his granddaughter Keira Ely. So far, they have written two Amazon #1 bestsellers. He shares their process and his intention to connect with other grandparents and grandkids everywhere.

Turning Barriers into Building Blocks

Robert started Bridge to a Cure Foundation to tear down the five deadly barriers that are hindering the search for effective treatments and cures, and replace them with the building blocks necessary to construct the bridge to a cure. He reveals the five barriers and what we need to do to dismantle them.

The Missing Key to Fulfilling Entrepreneurial Dreams

Robert worked during his business career for Fortune 500 companies, and later used his expertise to found the nonprofit Bridge to a Cure Foundation. He shares the secret many entrepreneurs miss that’s critical to reaching their full potential.

The Grandparenting Connection

Grandparents today are taking a larger role in the lives of children than perhaps any other time in recent history. From filling in gaps in education to supporting healthier, happier lives for kids, grandparents have a unique role to play. Robert explains.