Being a grandparent is a uniquely powerful way to experience personal connection, family relationships, generational bonding and so much more. Here are three of the most meaningful ways grandparenting can impact your life, your health, and your overall well-being:

1. Stress Relief

As a grandparent, you have the chance to play and have fun with your grandkids. Play relieves stress, releases endorphins, boosts vitality, and even improves immune response.

2. Laughter

Being around our grandchildren naturally leads to silly games and laughter. The more you laugh, the more health benefits you’ll receive, including stimulating circulation, muscle relaxation, and improved oxygen intake.

3. Hugs

Other than the obvious comfort and joy a hug provides, did you know that recent studies show that those who receive frequent hugs are less likely to catch the common cold? Get in lots of great hugs this fall and winter!

Grandpa and grandchild fishing together

Above all, grandparenting is an honor and a responsibility that allows us to serve as a lighthouse in the fog for children as they grow and navigate their other relationships with parents, friends, and the world at large. It’s interesting to discover, then, the many ways that this love and support we offer reflects back to us to help our own lives be happier and healthier.

What a meaningful circle of giving we share with these children.