As grandparents, we know the importance of education. We value the teaching profession and the importance of providing them with the right tools, resources and rewards to be successful and motivated. As we do, I am confident that we will restore our global leadership position in education and dramatically improve our rankings in math, science and reading. For statistical data click here: U.S. education study

I am hopeful that in time, the new focus on reading, writing, math and science will reverse the decline and provide our grandchildren with the skills they need to be successful. But is it enough? What about:

  • Current events
  • History and geography
  • Understanding other cultures
  • Appreciation for the arts

What Can Grandparents Do to Fill the Void?

That’s where we grandparents come in, where we can make a difference.

  • First and foremost, make this fun. Start by talking about currents events, but make it relevant to them. There is a lot of nonsense in the news you will want to avoid. The idea is to help your grandchild assess and evaluate the news and not necessarily take a position. Help them to be thinkers, not opinion seekers. They should learn to understand both sides of an issue and to keep a news stories in its proper perspective. In time they will be able to sift through the noise and focus on what’s really important. Here is a website you can have fun with together: teaching kids the news
  • Knowledge of history, geography and other cultures will be essential if our grandchildren are to successfully navigate the uncharted waters in the decades ahead. You will want to make this a shared journey with your grandchild. Start with subjects you will both find interesting. Here are a couple of websites you can have fun with together: teaching history and geography or general knowledge
  • Want to test your knowledge of current events, history and geography? Have some fun with this twelve-question quiz.
  • And what about “appreciation for the arts”? Tune in next week.

Photo credit: Tim Pierce [CC BY 2.0]

* * *

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