OK, first step is to fix a time and place to get together—just the two of you, no one else. Ice cream or popcorn is recommended. If you include me, I like chocolate covered dog biscuits.

TheDog_2Next, tour the site. The younger of the two will probably know what to do. Click on each tab and see what it has to offer. This is the best way to familiarize you with the capabilities of the site. You will like the illustration of me the best. You may want to keep it as your screen saver.

Once completed, I suggest that you revisit Solve This and work together to figure out who the bad guy is in the mystery. Don’t worry; there is a link to the answer. If you like it, sign up and receive my monthly who-done-it to solve.

You also might find Robert’s blog a benefit. He covers issues that are often ignored. Stuff that a young or senior person worries about but is not sure whom he or she can confide in. This is important and over time will build your relationship to a joyous level of trust and mutual respect.

Then there are the books. Although I am only a co-star, I am clearly the most important character. I suggest you each purchase your own book and discuss it after every three chapters. Try to guess early on who did it. Also discuss characters you like, and what you found interesting about the country where the crime has taken place.