Who was the Informant?



There are four clues that indicate that Carmen was tied to crime and The Conquistadors. In fact, El Calf is her brother.

  1. She entered the prestigious Panamanian Military Academy when she was only twelve.
  2. Her ring is rustic, weathered and not the work of a modern-day jeweler. The gold is pure and valuable.
  3. The ring is a huaca, a possession buried with a great warrior. A tradition practiced by the Kuna Indians who have inhabited the Darien for centuries.
  4. She says a relative gave her the ring as an expression of love, but the brief said she was an orphan., and she has no family.
  5. Flora, a Kuna Indian and well-aware of the custom of burying a huaca with a deceased warrior rushes toward Carmen because she knows that the ring must have been removed from a warrior’s grave.

How it happened:
Carmen is El Calf’s much younger sister. The ruthless Conquistador leader manipulated his sister’s entire life, beginning with her placement in the Panamanian Military Academy. She adored her brother. She thought he was like Robin Hood, stealing from the rich to give to the poor. She didn’t believe that he had committed any of the brutal crimes he was accused of.

Fernando joined the military when he was only 19. Fernando married young. Fernando and Flora were poor but in love. Their honeymoon was disrupted by a Conquistador attack. Fernando fought them off, giving Flora and other vacationers a chance to escape. Fernando was badly beaten, his throat cut, and he was left for dead. Diego found him the next day, and when Fernando had regained his health, recruited him into the military. Fernando’s face was so badly scarred from the beating, he could never face his love, Flora, again. Instead he swore revenge and has spent his time since in pursuit of El Calf.

Diego started his career in the jungles of the Darien and, by choice, has patrolled this territory ever since, but not as a soldier. He is a wildlife ranger, assigned by the secret service to protect the many endangered species that inhabit the Darien. In return for Diego saving Fernando’s life, and for bringing Fernando into the military in the first-place, Fernando recommended Diego for this special team.  Fernando also knew that no one knew the jungles of the Darien as well as Diego did.