Who Killed Speedy?

The Conductor!

His plan was to win the ballgame for Red and kill her new husband, Speedy, at the same time. He was sure that once she won the World Series, she would return to the world of science and intellectual pursuits. Then, with her husband gone, she would restore her vows with him—the conductor—recognizing that she had made a mistake.


“The Conductor was an inner city kid who graduated first in his class at MIT in 2015.”

“Red is recently remarried to a ballplayer she adores. Her marriage to her MIT college sweetheart had ended amicably despite the emotional scar it left on her husband.”

“Speedy helps her up, holding her a little closer than is appropriate. He is on the other team after all.”

“His employer S. E. Technology installed all the electronics. They also provided his scholarship to MIT and the funded of all his inventions.”

“Slowly his look of disappointment transitions to a smirk of optimism. Ball four pops up on the scoreboard. Suddenly the fingers of his right hand dance over the keyboard while his left hand remains on the red control lever.”

“The dust from Speedy’s slide takes a few seconds to settle. When it does, Speedy is still lying face down with his wedding hand on second. Speedy isn’t really safe after all. Speedy is dead.”

How it happened.

It was the Conductor that Red had been married to. She divorced him, because she found the wit and playfulness of ballplayers to be more appealing than a quiet humorless physicist. From the day she divorced him, The Conductor began developing a plan to win her back.

The Conductor knew that his one time father-in-law wanted them back together. He wanted his daughter to have stability in her life. That’s how The Conductor got his job at the stadium. The S.E. in S.E. Technology stands for Steve Ellsworth, Red’s father.
When The Conductor saw Ball Four pop up on the scoreboard, he knew his plan would work. Speedy was now on first. Speedy was Red’s new husband.

The Conductor knew that Speedy always slid into second base head first, with his arms and hands stretched out. He also knew that Speedy always kept his platinum wedding ring on. Platinum is an excellent conductor of electricity.

When Speedy slid into second, The Conductor pulled the red control lever that would send a powerful electrical charge to second base. His plan worked.