Hey kids, got a problem? Need someone to talk to? Someone that will help you not judge you, who will value your ideas, and will want to know what you think. Someone who is available 24/7, that is a little bit bored and wants something important to do; someone that loves you a bunch. If you do, this site and my books are for you.Read more


As a grandparent your grandkids need you now—big time! Today, the demands and stress of everyday living shave away the hours parents have available for their children. “There just isn’t enough time in the day” is the battle cry for parents everywhere. I hear it from my kids and I bet you do too. This is where you can help—we grandparents can be an emotional rock, a wise friend and a playful elder; the ‘go to person’ when parents aren’t available. As a grandparent I’m having the time of my life.Read more


Six months ago, my grandfather and I left his house at 5:30AM. We arrived at the beach in time to watch the sun poke a hole in the seam where the sky meets the sea. We took our usual position at a table and chairs on the beach club’s stone patio next to the sand. No one else was there. All was normal, for the moment.

Papa, my grandfather, was on his laptop computer and I was scanning the horizon, when I noticed what looked like a head floating in Long Island Sound. I leapt up and ran toward the water, shouting. “Papa, Papa, there is a dead body in the water!” He either didn’t hear me or didn’t believe me. It’s not often that a corpse floats by. I was sure that this time it wasn’t my wild imagination. It even wore a baseball cap. My pace slowed as I moved closer.Read more