Hey kids, got a problem? Need someone to talk to? Someone who will help you, not judge you, who will value your ideas, and will want to know what you think? Someone who is available 24/7, who is a little bit bored and wants something important to do; someone who loves you a bunch? If you do, this site and my books are for you.

Hi, I’m Robert Martin. I wrote The Keira and Papa Detective Agency series in collaboration with my granddaughter. I know you will love each book in the series. You will find them to be page-turners, fun reads, and exciting mysteries to try and solve. Waffles, Keira’s misbehaving dog, will keep you laughing throughout, and you will thoroughly enjoy the trust, teasing, and mutual affection 12-year-old Keira and her grandfather, Papa, have for each other. It is a relationship where Keira and her grandfather openly discuss many of the life mysteries young people struggle with everyday. They do this while solving real-world mysteries.

I’m pretty sure that after you read one of the books in the series, you will say to yourself, “I want to have a relationship like that. I want a grandparent whom I can talk with about anything.

That’s where my website can be of help. It’s a fun way to help you and a grandparent build your own special bond. It provides cool things to do, and stuff you will need. You can  share experiences, solve mysteriesget advice and even find someone to be a grandparent if you don’t have one.

So, hey kids, if you would like to experience what it’s like to have a special bond with a grandparent, make sure you read all The Keira and Papa Detective Agency books.


But you don’t have to read the books to start using the website. Just let Waffles, Keira’s misbehaving dog, show you how to have fun with it.

Thanks for being on my website and reading all my books. Come back soon for new adventures that Keira, Waffles and I will have for you.