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Enjoy solving these mysteries with your grandchild(ren)!

Solve This: Sophia's New Pet

Sophia successfully spells her final word: “R-O-T-I-S-S-E-R-I-E.” The Charleston Middle School Spelling Bee crowd cheers wildly. But to her, it doesn’t seem fair, since she sees the word Rotisserie over the roasting chickens every time she and her mom go to the grocery store. However, she decides she'd [...]

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Bad Call at Second

It’s November 8, 2020, the last game of the World Series: the White Sox vs. the Cubs. A first. The stadium is also a first. It’s electronic. No need for umpires. 76,000 hidden sensors strategically located throughout the park, rule balls, strikes, foul balls, stolen bases and close plays. Even [...]

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The Snowstorm Robbery

It’s rush hour in New York City. There are six inches of snow on the ground. Taxis and pedestrians slip and slide as they rush to wherever they need to be. The Assistant Bank Manager unlocks the two-foot-thick steel door precisely at 8:00AM, as is his custom. He deactivates the office alarm, turns on the lights and proceeds to his office next to the vault. He hastily throws his briefcase onto his desk, knocking over a photo of his elegant wife. She’s rich and beautiful, a product of Manhattan society, unlike himself. His father was a coal miner. His mother died in childbirth. He’s embarrassed by his father’s lack of education and his rough edges. The young banker conceals his heritage and wears his Harvard degree as his epitaph.

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