The Case of the Missing Crown Jewels


Waffles is a misbehaved puppy that is as good at sniffing out crime as he is food. Waffles is hilarious in his role as Keira’s sidekick in the children’s book series Keira and Papa Detective Agency.

Robert Martin writes books with his ten-year-old granddaughter, Keira Ely. Together they create The Keira and Papa Detective Agency Series. This book is the first in a five part series; the objective of the book is not only to help a grandparent connect with a grandchild by solving the mystery of a crime, but also to discuss the mysteries of a new culture and some of the mysteries of life.

The special bond between Keira and Papa shines as they join together to solve their first crime — The Case of the Missing Crown Jewels.

Keira is a twelve-year-old. She has red hair and hot pink glasses, and she dresses like Pippi Longstocking. However, she is not as confident as her fashion statement suggests.

Her dreams of being a heroine are overshadowed by a cloud of fear that percolates within her extraordinary imagination.

Her grandfather, Papa, is just the opposite. His dress is conservative, but before he retired he thrived on adventure. He was a spy!

When Keira finds a magic hat that gives her astonishing powers, Papa invites her to join him in his new spy agency. That is when the Keira and Papa Detective Agency is formed.

The trust, teasing, and mutual affection they have for each other carry them through a stream of disappointments and challenges as they attempt to solve the mystery.

For Keira, the adventure is more than just this case. For her, there are three mysteries: the mystery of the missing Crown Jewels, the mystery of a new culture, and the mysteries of life. Her dialogue with Sir Hazledine, the Secretary to the Queen, provides insight to the new culture, as well as humor. Her sensitive moments with Papa shed light on some of life’s mixed messages.

Keira has two other allies; her American Girl Doll, Kaya, and her mischievous dog, Waffles. Implanted in Kaya are crime-detecting devices that Keira invented. Waffles, who constantly goes from one mishap to the next, has a good nose for crime.

Each member of The Keira and Papa Detective Agency has their own unique crime-fighting skills, just the right combination to solve a case with no clues. To the surprise of Scotland Yard, the Director of Security, and the Governor of the Tower of London, they find the Crown Jewels. The case is solved. But is it?


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